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Johnny's Sounds

I have listed here all of my wav files. To listen to the clips click on the description. As soon as I have time I will zip them up individually and you can download all the files from an episode by clicking on the episode. Right now I haven't gotten to it yet. Sorry. If you have trouble hearing any of the sounds, please Email me so I can fix it.

The majority of these wavs were donated to me by Ted's Johnny Bravo Page and I am eternally grateful for his help!

Episode Description File Size
Beach Blanket Bravo Oh yeah. Special. 77.9 KB
Oh man! This is not good for my hair! 141 KB
Bearly Enough Time Man! Have you smelled yourself? 49.7 KB
Mama! I'm comin' Mama! 91.4 KB

These hands are registered as lethal weapons.

56.4 KB
What are you doin'? 65.9 KB
Blanky Hanky Panky And nobody gets to hold my blanky except me! 90.0 KB
Nooooooooo! 155 KB
Blarney Buddies She loves me. She loves me not. She loves me. She... 211 KB
Aw man, this place is wierd! 56.4 KB
Bravo Dooby Doo Don't touch the glasses. 71.2 KB
... My glasses. I can't be seen without my glasses! 168 KB
Bravo, James Bravo Inside he has this device, the Lookalikealater ... 192 KB
I love a chick in a trench coat. You never know what ... 126 KB
Bungled in the Jungle Actually lady, on some airlines it's a compliment to be called an air waitress. 45.2 KB
Hey wait a minute, this is a bear trap. I ain't no bear. 53.3 KB
Man, them air waitresses sure are testy. 26.8 KB
Ya know, something tells me I should be feeling pretty stupid right now. 32.9 KB
Hey don't hurt my hair man. 33.6 KB
Hey who turned out the lights. 51.1 KB
Oh pretty little mama. 51.1 KB
Cookie Crisis I will not buy them, not one box. I will not eat them with fox.. 374 KB
listen up kid I ain't got the time, go on bother someone else.. 46.9 KB
Man this rhyming stuff really hurts my tongue. 28.4 KB
Hey there miss, I'm Johnny B. Wanna spend the day with me? 37.7 KB
I'm a poet and I don't know it. I make a rhyme every time! 39.0 KB
I have to say, it's quite a day. 24.2 KB
Date With an Antelope Hello 911 emergency, there's a handsome guy in my house... 72.8 KB
Right on! I'm gonna hit a homer today! 30.1 KB
Look, you want me to drive? I got thumbs. 29.7 KB
Four legged chicks are nothing but trouble. 21.3 KB
The Day the Earth Didn't Move Around Very Much Looks like time's frozen for everybody but me. 71.2 KB
Woah mama, I felt like I was in the twilight zone or something. 111 KB
Why not? We got all the time in the world. 91.4 KB
Did You See a Bull Run by Here? Hey there spanish seniorita. Sprechen sie love? 42.9 KB
It's her, isn't it? It's not me, it's her. 36.5 KB
When a woman screams, I just feel the need to be there. 34.9 KB
Hey how'd you like to watch the show in 3D, sweet thing? 35.7 KB
I hate men who cry. 18.7 KB
I'm sorry friend but violence is not the answer. 35.1 KB
Going Batty Hey little mama, where's your reflection? 77.9 KB
I'm Johnny Bravo, a mister of the universe. 92.7 KB
Hey check it out, I'm a big fat dumb waiter. 57.8 KB
Intensive Care How about you and me playing doctor? 55.1 KB
I Used to be Funny

I may be late, honey. But I look good.

30.8 KB
I hate clowns. 87.4 KB
Aw man, I'm gonna be late. 55.1 KB
Oh yeah, I feel better already. 60.5 KB



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