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Johnny's Episode Guide

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I have got these all in alphabetical order according to their title. Use the alphabet bar below to skip ahead to the episode you like.



Aisle of Mixed Up Toys

A pretty girl gets upset with Johnny when he won't help her little sister's "Kids with Empty Rooms" toy collection. Johnny promises to buy some toys and runs to the Toy Store with the hopes of getting a date. The problem is he only has $1 to spend and that brings him to aisle 6, the defective toy section.


Alien Confidential

An alien lands in front of Johnny to offer the secret of universal peace. He asks for Johnny's leader and Johnny takes him home to meet Mama. The alien then asks to be taken to the united nations and Johnny brings him to Pop's Diner. It is a pretty cute cartoon with a quick bike ride reminiscent of another famous alien.


Beach Blanket Bravo

A pretty girl upset with her boyfriend picks Johnny as her method of revenge. The boyfriend challenges Johnny to a surfing contest. Even though Johnny wins, he still doesn't get the girl.

Bearly Enough Time

Johnny and his mother, Bunny, are spending the day in the woods where Bunny is making Johnny a leisure suit out of pine cones. Bunny goes off looking for the final pine cone to finish the suit. After waiting a while, Johnny goes off looking for her and ends up in a bear cave where "Chronos" the bear is sleeping. Johnny has to get him back to sleep or it's feeding time for Chronos.

Berry the Butler

Johnny's mom won a contest at the Berry Vanderbolten concert for Berry to be her butler for the day. Berry didn't expect to actually do any work just show up and catch Bunny when she fainted but Johnny catches him before he gets to escape. Johnny has him clean the entire house and by the end of his service has Berry calling him "My lord and sovereign". At 6:00, when the contract is up, Berry tosses Johnny around the house breaking everything. Bunny wakes up and yells at Johnny to clean up because Berry was coming.

Bikini Space Planet

Johnny is picked up by two aliens that he calls "shiny mamas" and taken back to their planet. Before they can start dating Johnny they need to give him a few painful tests. After the tests, they claim he is a perfect male specimen and crown him their king. After requesting the cable be fixed they see Braveheart and Mel Gibson and forget all about Johnny.

Blanky Hanky Panky

Someone is stealing all the yarn in Aron City. Bunny Bravo begins an angry mob to hunt the thief down. Johnny just tries to protect his blanky from being stolen.

Blarney Buddies

Johnny travels to Ireland and finds out that he will improve his love-life if he kisses the Blarney Stone. He gets confused when he meets a leprechaun named Barney Stone and chases him around trying to kiss him.

A Boy and His Bird

Johnny learns that chicks love dogs so he goes to the animal shelter and gets a pet emu in the hopes of getting a lunch date. Instead the emu terrorizes everyone that comes near it.

Bravo Dooby Doo

Johnny's car breaks down on the way to his Aunt Jebadissa's house. He meets up with Scooby and the gang and convinces them to give him a ride after explaining she "lives in a spooky house on widows peak". When they get there they find that Aunt Jebadissa is missing and a Ghostly Gardener is on the loose. Johnny helps the gang solve the mystery.

Bravo, James Bravo

Johnny finds himself in the middle of Jane Bonded's secret mission. According to the super secret agent handbook, Johnny has now got to see this mission to the end by capturing the evil Dr. Pencilneck. Johnny even gets a voluntary kiss at the end by Jane.

Bungled In The Jungle

Johnny gets kicked out of an airplane and lands in the jungle on top of Jungle Boy. Johnny breaks Jungle Boy's leg and all the animals are upset with him. The evil King Ray plans to use Johnny to turn the animals against Jungle Boy since they are both human.


A Cake Too Much

Mama sprained her wisking arm right before a bake-off and needs Johnny and Suzy help her make her famous cake so she can win first prize. Johnny looses all interest in the bake off when he sees the pretty lady who's baking next to him. Poor Mama gets last place.

Charm School Johnny

This is a parody of My Fair Lady. Pop's believes he can take uncivilized Johnny Bravo and turn him into a gentleman to pass him off in high society within 7 days. One thing I learned from this episode is Carl is even uglier as a woman.

Cookie Crisis

Johnny Little Suzy is selling cookies for her Buttercup Troop but Johnny doesn't want any. This is all done like Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs & Ham" with Suzy chasing Johnny with funny rhymes until he give in.

Cover Boy

Johnny decides to become a model in order to meet the girl models. Pops takes pictures of him outside to make him a portfolio. Unfortunately Johnny develops poison ivy during the show and is fired.


Damien's Day Out

An evil baby is left at Johnny's doorstep. Johnny vows to take care of the little tike and is met by the evil powers of the infant.

Date With An Antelope

Johnny stars chatting on the Internet looking for a woman. He meets Carol and asks her on a date. He is shocked to find out that she is an antelope but Johnny is a nice guy and agrees to take her out despite the fact she has four legs. It gets worse when Johnny finds out she's just using him to make her boyfriend, who is a crab, jealous.

The Day The Earth Didn't Move Around Very Much

Johnny has to appear in court for numerous crimes he had committed. Johnny explains that because his VCR was blinking 12:00, he thought time had frozen. Johnny walked around Aron city and everywhere he went, people froze for different reasons only supporting Johnny's theory of time freezing.

Did You See A Bull Run By Here?

Johnny ends up in a bull ring and defeats the bull to impress a lady he had eyes for. Unfortunately, the bull was then to be killed and Johnny helps plan the bulls escape with the help of the woman. She turns out to be a Hollywood producer and puts the Bull and Johnny in the movies.


Mama puts a V-chip on the TV to filter out all the junk TV. Johnny protests and gets his own pad with Carl in a little camper at the top of a large cliff. Johnny and Carl fight over sides of the camper until it falls down the cliff.

Dude Ranch Doofus

In order to get a date with a cowgirl and to prove he isn't a city slicker, Johnny must tame the wild horse Diablo. Johnny actually does succeed in his task but of course things go wrong at the last second and the date is denied.


Free Pookie

The annual Weasel Roundup is interrupted by a beautiful animal rights activist. She says she's think differently of Johnny if he'd help animals. With the best of intentions, Johnny saves a piņata he names Pookie to return it to its native Mexico.

A Fool for Sister Sarah

Johnny is nursed to health by Sister Sarah after a cologne induced hallucination. Sarah will date Johnny if he can show he is nice. Of course Johnny fails to see the good in anyone but himself and she dumps him.


A Gel for Johnny 

Johnny runs out of Mr. Kevin's Triple Strength Hair Cement and finds out that they factory shut down and so there is none anywhere. He buys a bunch of other gels trying to find another one that will make his hair as pretty as Mr. Kevin's did. He finds his solution in the strangest place.

Going Batty

Lois (a vampire) leaves her vampire boyfriend claiming the romance is gone after 2000 years. She picks Johnny off the street and plans to make him her new undead mate. The jealous boyfriend follows the two around making it hard for Johnny to impress his date. In the end, the boyfriend gets her back by singing to her in a bar full of vampires, 2 werewolves and a gnome.

Good Knight Johnny

Johnny follows a girl dressed as a damsel to a renaissance carnival. He believes he has gone through a time portal and is really back in the middle ages. He tries to impress the locals with his 20th century knowledge only to ruin all the events at the carnival.


Hip Hop Flop

Johnny finds a turntable for the hip hop group "The Round Pound". In return they teach Johnny how to be "down" so he can get a date with a fan of the group.

Hold that Schmoe

Johnny lears that his first copy of "Man Bean; The Bean That Walks Like A Man" comic book is worth thousands of dollars. The problem is the comic is stored in Johnny's attic which is being haunted by his Uncle Lou. It had parts in it resembling Ghostbusters and the Polterguist as well.


Mama looses Johnny in a poker game. He now belongs to a Col. Fatman. Johnny is taken to his private island to be hunted for sport but Fatman gives up when he finds out how terrible Johnny is at hide and seek. This was a very played out script with nothing that I found extremely funny to set it apart from all the rest.


I, Fly

Johnny is asked to watch over Carl's science project and is accidentally turned into a fly, similar to the movie "The Fly". The funniest part is that no one notices the difference when Johnny's body has the head of a fly. Not even Mama was able to pick out this difference!

Intensive Care

Johnny and his mother, Bunny, go to the hospital to visit Suzy, who just had her tonsils out. Johnny has eyes for Nurse Amber and keeps playing sick so he can get into the hospital and have her take care of him.

I Used To Be Funny

Johnny is waiting on a corner for his date that he is unfortunately sharing with an old clown. The old clown gets in a fight with a younger clown over who's funnier. They use Johnny as the victim of their gags in attempt to make the other laugh.


Johnny and the Beanstalk

When Mama's dry cleaning bill gets too much, she asks Johnny to sell the family cow to pay for it. Johnny messes up and trades the cow for two bottles of hair tonic. When spilled the tonic grows a giant hair stalk and at the top lives a giant who believes Johnny is an action figure.

Johnny Bravo

A gorilla gets loose from the zoo and Johnny promises the cute zoo keeper to bring him back with the hopes of getting a date with the keeper. This is one of the first two shorts about Johnny Bravo.

Johnny Bravo And the Amazon Women

Johnny ends up on an island inhabited by Amazon Women. An elephant is put in charge of keeping him out of "The Valley of Beautiful Women" but fails. This is the second seven minute short about Johnny.

Johnny Get Your Tutu

Johnny gets junk mail that promises to find out what his future career should be. He fills out a bubble sheet but accidentally mails in a drawing by Suzy. The results come back that he is meant to be a ballerina. It is very funny watching Johnny prance around on stage.

Johnny's Guardian Angel

This is a spoof on "Its a Wonderful Life". The angel Maurice appears when Johnny says he wishes he was never born. The twist to this version is that everyone is actually much better off without him.

Johnny Meets Adam West

Johnny Bravo's mother was supposed to be home at six o'clock but when she is two minutes late Johnny decides to call Adam West. With Adam West he begins the search for his mother following a kinds of clues. It is a parody on Batman and Johnny is now the boy wonder.

Johnny Meets Donny Osmond

Bunny Bravo decides that Johnny needs a baby-sitter, after accidentally breaking a cabinet. The babysitter is Donny and irritates Johnny Bravo extremely. A kind of Mary Poppins with the sound of music. Be careful of the song of Donny Osmonds in the mountains, because after you heard it two times, you will sing it all day.

Johnny Meets Farrah Fawcett

Johnny gets invited to little Suzy’s birthday party and Johnny refuses. Suzy tells him that Farrah Fawcett is her cousin and will be there but Johnny doesn't believe her. Then Farrah drives up in a limo but it's too late, Johnny has been taken off the guest list. Johnny tries desperately to get inside.

Johnny Real Good

Johnny sees a car on TV and wants to buy it but his mama says the only way he ever will is if he gets a job. So Johnny gets a job babysitting for a boy named Timmy with special powers. Johnny must think only nice things or Timmy uses his powers to hurt him. This is the second of three in "The Zone" show where normal things don't happen very often.

Jumbo Johnny

Johnny buys a product called "Uber Mass" to make himself big and buff in 6 weeks. Johnny neglects the instructions and drinks it all at once. He wakes up the next day and is terribly fat, not buff.

Jungle Boy in "Mr. Monkeyman"

Evil King Ray shaves all his fur and dresses like Jungle Boy. Then he runs around the jungle acting terrible to make everyone hate Jungle Boy.


Law and Disorder

Johnny becomes a security guard at the mall for a power trip. Instead of stopping crooks, he's picking up chicks and playing video games. Mama comes to the rescue when Johnny is held hostage by the crook.

Little Talky Tabatha

Little Suzy got a new doll named "Little Talky Tabatha". The problem is that Tabatha doesn't like Johnny not accepting Suzy's invitation to a tea party. She threatens and hurts Johnny and forces him to play with Suzy. This is the third of three in "The Zone" show where normal things don't happen very often.

Look Who's Drooling

Pops makes extremely hot chili and after Johnny takes a bite he grabs Carl's fountain of youth potion to cool the flames. As a result Johnny is turned into a baby until 4:00 pm. Mama loves that her baby boy is little again and treats him like a child. I gave this one 4 stars because Johnny in the bunny suit is adorable!


Mama's New Boyfriend

Johnny thinks Mama's new boyfriend, Raul, is after her savings when he hears him ask Mama for some cash. Johnny follows them around and essentially ruins their date. It turns out Raul was on the level but Mama chooses her special boy over him anyway.

The Man Who Cried "Clown"

Johnny gets annoyed by an evil clown he sees out on the wing of the airplane he and his mama are traveling in. He fights with this evil clown and finally gets rid of him but finds out that this was a bad thing. Johnny has disrupted the plane's clown balance and the clown that is out on the other wing is having a terrible time keeping the plane from crashing. The solution? Why Johnny dressed up like a clown on the wing where the evil clown was before. This is the first of three in "The Zone" show where normal things don't happen very often.

Marine Maroon

Johnny gets sucked out to sea by a ripe tied. He is then caught in a fishing net and taken to Sea Land (like a Sea World place). He believes he has found the lost city of Atlantis and proceeds to make a mess out of the whole operation.

Moby Jerk 

Johnny is Fatty Nuggets' 1,000,000th customer and wins a cruise. Johnny is not at all interested until he hears that women will be on the cruise. Unfortunately Johnny gets on the wrong boat. Captain Spleen is not impressed with Johnny's attempt to party with the rowing slaves. Watch the captain's shoulder for a changing assortment of animals including a flamingo and bucket of chicken.

My Fair Dork

Suzy asks Johnny to be her chaperone at the dance but he doesn't want to go. A nerdy little guy asks Suzy to the dance but she refuses. Johnny teaches him how to be a "Bravo Man" and suddenly he is irresistible. The kid is even picking up girls Johnny couldn't. This is a parody of the movie "My Fair Lady".


Over The Hump

Johnny joins the French Foreign Legion when promised to meet foreign chicks. He is then carted off to the desert with a camel as his companion where they have to play the game "Find the Fort".


Panic in Jerky Town

Johnny wins a trip to Jerky Town to meet Jerky Jake. This is a spoof of the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Instead of oompa-loompas, they have tiny cowboys. Jerky Jake wants Johnny to be the heir to jerky town.

The Perfect Gift

Suzy makes a ton of money at her lemonade stand and is able to buy her mother a trip to Acapulco for mother's day. Johnny need s to find a way to get $25 to buy his mother new bunny slippers. He does several funny odd jobs to make this money.

Pop Art Johnny

Suzy takes Johnny to an art museum and during a fiasco over the little hot dogs Johnny creates what everyone considers a work of art with his butt. Johnny is offered money to make colorful butt prints for the museum.



Three different stories are told on what happened to get everyone hurt in the park told by Carl, Little Suzy and Johnny. Problem is solved when Mama offers everyone milk and cookies and they forget the whole thing.

Red Faced in the White House

Johnny takes a tour of the White House to pick up chicks. The President's daughter is sick of dating robots and Johnny takes her on a real date. After seeing that Johnny knows virtually nothing about America she says she wants to date robots again and has the secret service take care of Johnny.


Schnook of the North

Johnny looses his Mama in a store and is given away to a foster family in the artic. I actually thought this one was very funny but I can't recall any particular reason why I thought this. You'll have to see it for yourself and judge it on your own.

Send in the Clones

Johnny forgets to pay the cable bill & must take the check to the company himslef but instead ends up at a cloning clinic by mistake. The result is multiple super intellegent, super sweet Johnnys that makes everyone happy except Johnny.

Sensitive Male

Johnny has competition getting dates with a man who isn't as pretty as him. This man then tries to teach Johnny how to be sensitive (School House Rock style) so he too can get lots of dates.

Substitute Teacher

Johnny is at his karate class trying to earn his tiger belt when a robber breaks into the class. He ties up Johnny's teacher and tells Johnny it's all a part of his test for his tiger belt. Johnny then does everything the robber says, including helping him rob a bank, just so he can get his tiger belt.

Super Duped

Suzy talks Johnny into being her show and tell at school. She introduces him as "Bravo Man" and Johnny goes along with it when the teacher says she has a thing for super heroes. Then the Aron City Bank is robbed and everyone expects Bravo Man to save the day.


Talk To Me Baby

Johnny goes to sit in the audience of the Vendela talk show. One of the guests doesn't show up and Johnny is picked to take his place. The topic of the show is "Muscle Bound Men and the Women Who Think They're Poopheads". Poor Johnny...


Thunder God Johnny

Johnny pulls a hammer from a block of ice in the style of sword in the stone and becomes a viking god with all sorts of power. He is told by the gods that he must fight an ice giant. Any episode where Johnny is screaming like a woman deserves 3 stars...

Tooth or Consequences

Johnny tells Little Suzy there is no toothfairy. After he sees how upset she is, he dresses up like the toothfairy and promises to grant her 3 wishes. This might be enjoyed by kids, I personally found it a waste of my time.

Twas The Night

It's Christmas eve and Johnny hits Santa Claus mistaking him for a burglar. Because Santa is injured, Johnny has to deliver all the presents. But Johnny messes up when he gives his mother's present to someone else and he doesn't know what to do!


Under the Big Flop

Johnny and Suzy visit the circus, where Vivian Vixen has hypnotized Jungle Boy. Johnny tries to seduce Vivian, while Suzy saves the day.

The Unsinkable Johnny Bravo

A spoof of the Titanic. I actually thought it was pretty cute. Johnny played the poor third class peasant and fell in love with a rich first class girl named Shelia. Of course the boat sinks and Shelia breaks up with Johnny.


Virtual Johnny

Johnny becomes completely engrossed in a virtual reality video game and walks about the city acting out his fake persona. This disturbs just about everyone who comes in contact with him. This has several parts reminicent of Star War scenes.


A Wolf In Chick's Clothing

Johnny gets a date with a beautiful blond woman but when the moon is out, she turns into a werewolf. Johnny agrees to still take her out because he knows she will turn back into the beautiful woman again in the morning. The date is a disaster though because everyone is scared of the werewolf.

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