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Johnny Bravo Sounds

I have listed here all of my wav files. To listen to the clips click on the description. As soon as I have time I will zip them up individually and you can download all the files from an episode by clicking on the episode. Right now I haven't gotten to it yet. Sorry. If you have trouble hearing any of the sounds, please Email me so I can fix it.

The majority of these wavs were donated to me by Ted's Johnny Bravo Page and I am eternally grateful for his help!

Episode Description Size
Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women Wanna do the monkey with me? Huh! Come on! 56.4 KB
You wanna see my chest hair? It's blonde and curly. 149 KB
Johnny Meets Farrah Fawcett Oh Farrah. I love the way you make me smell. 27.7 KB
I'm on my way to buy the new Farrah Fawcett shampoo.. 43.2 KB
Yeah right. And pigs fly. 26.0 KB
Farrah Fawcett. The only person who's hair is prettier ... 42.7 KB
Name? Johnny Bravo. Occupation? Johnny Bravo. 41.7 KB
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to use my karate on you mister. 40.8 KB
I'm here for the party. Honk. Honk. 23.2 KB
Life is cruel. 10.7 KB
Sorry mister. It's a matter of over abundant testosterone. 33.6 KB
Johnny Real Good Mama, I need some money to by a car. 21.0 KB
A good night's sleep and I can put this work nonsense ... 73.8 KB
Mr. Bravo. On the outskirts of the zone where normal ... 163 KB
Jumbo Johnny Ha. Ha. Ha. That's cool. 43.0 KB
Holy guacamole. 45.7 KB
Will you cut that out? 45.7 KB
Little Talky Tabitha My name is talky tabitha and I love everybody. Wow ... 279 KB
My Fair Dork Watch closely kid. I'm gonna show you the bravo way ... 114 KB
Over the Hump Man I'm hot! Thirsty? No I mean good lookin'. 79.3 KB
Bravo's the name ma'am. Johnny Bravo. 77.9 KB
It's a beautiful day. But not as beautiful as me. 76.6 KB
Mister, I'm Johnny Bravo. Huh! Ha! 69.9 KB
Geronimo! 72.6 KB
And so am I. Private first class lover boy. At your service. 92.7 KB
Red Faced in the White House Couple steaks medium dare. And I want them perfect ... 170 KB
Alright I'm sure. 25.5 KB
Hey pretty mama, if these pecks don't cheer you up, ... 141 KB
I'll have you know I'm trained in 15 forms of karate, 3 ... 119 KB
Why they go and do that? 32.3 KB
Sensitive Male Oh baby! I'm gonna make her dreams come true! 53.7 KB
Do you honestly think woman are attracted to that kind... 63.1 KB
I'm gonna say, "hey hot mama, you wanna go back to ... 47.3 KB
Hey hold on there music boy. What does grammer have.. 46.5 KB
How'd you do that mister? Do what? Get that little chicks phone number. She wouldn't give it to me and look at me. 57.1 KB
Hubba hubba hubba. I'm coming fido! 30.8 KB
Um. You wanna hand me my teeth. They're over there ... 60.3 KB
No listen mister. I ain't got no time for you to be talking... 51.4 KB
Excuse me miss? How would you like to paint the town.. 68.3 KB
Pardon me, hot sexy mama. If you please to take a ... 109 KB
Oh baby, she is so fine. 32.1 KB
Maybe you can stand to be sweet and sensitive all the ... 53.0 KB
Can I come? 9.16 KB
Super Duped Pretty impressive super heroing, hey miss babe? 37.7 KB
You wanna see me comb my hair really fast? 25.1 KB
Talk to Me Baby How many times do I have to tell you I have a boyfriend. 71.4 KB
T.V. you have never let me down. 98.1 KB
Twas the Night How'd Santa stay fat, man? This gig's hard work! 39.2 KB
Under the Big Flop I could be your newest attraction. The perfect man! 99.4 KB
Vivian Vixen. It's like destiny calls. 123 KB
Gimme that. Did your mama teach you not to steal from.. 127 KB
Wolf in Chick's Clothing What do you think rubber ducky? Quack. Quack. My thoughts exactly. 42.6 KB
Other Sound Clips Don't wait up for me mama. Was I supposed to? 25.2 KB
Excuse me just a second. 13.4 KB
Man you smell pretty. 16.7 KB
Do you guys know where I can find a phone? 25.3 KB
Hey! What are all these kids doing here? 26.3 KB
Miss Babe. 23.5 KB
Oh Mama! 16.5 KB
Hey what do you say you let me out of here and I'll order you all some pizza? 42.8 KB
Oh you will pay for this. 18.1 KB
Say, how about you and me sharing a soda right now? 35.9 KB
I guess I could get mama's loaf of buttermilk later. 23.5 KB
Man, It's dark in here. 24.0 KB



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