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I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner but it should have been done a long time ago. The What's New Page!! Here I will post new and upcoming Johnny Bravo news as soon as I hear it. So much has happened with Johnny Bravo since his beginning and lately things have really been picking up.



Johnny Bravo Christmas Special!

It showed on Cartoon Network last night and I loved it! I was so happy to see the original drawing styles and the old gags that made me originally fall in love with the Johnny Bravo cartoon back in action. Check the Cartoon Network schedule to catch this episode. I promise it will make you smile!


Thrilling Johnny News!

From the composer of the Johnny Bravo show, Lou Fageson:

Hi Jaime! It is an entire new season -13 half hours ( 26 episodes)! Van is in back at the helm where he belongs. The entire crew is very happy to be back at it - we all a great time making the Valentine's Day special. Glad to know that you still keep the flame! - All the best, Lou.

Yes! Van is back at it and I will be looking forward to new exciting Johnny Bravo episodes the way they were meant to be created!


Slight Updates

Well first I had to redo the picture pages. One of my free web hosts decided to delete everything spontaneously so I had a lot of broken links and lost about 80% of my picture files. So you will probably notice that the pictures section has been reduced from 8 pages into one measly little page... just pathetic isn't it? But fear not Bravo fans, I will work on trying to build this very popular section of the site back up, but its gonna take some time, so I appreciate your patience.


Christmas Special

I received an email from Van alerting me to his new Christmas special and I wanted to share:

Hi Jamie!

I'm writing to let you know that I'm finishing up post production on "A Johnny Bravo Christmas" and I wanted to let you and all those other folks who watch the show know that I hope that y'all can tune in on Friday, December 7, 2001 from 8:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. and then again on December 21, 2001 at 9:00 P.M..

Your pal,

I personally am pretty excited about this since it is Van's work and not Warner Bro's studio. It should be great hope you all can catch it!


Site Update

I have made some changes to the structure of the site but it is only on my side of the drawing board. Things on this end should still work smoothly. I have finally taken up's offer to use FrontPage to manage files. I really didn't think it was going to be work disrupting the site but it didn't turn out to be all that much of a bother in the long run so I went ahead and did it. This should help me update and manage files much quicker. If you do happen to see broken links and such please let me know as I'm sure there are bound to be a few loose ends in transitions such as this.


Episode List Updated

A small update to the episode list. I have added listings for Send in the Clones, Virtual Johnny, Hunted!, and Hold that Schmoe. These can all be found in alphabetical order on the episode guide page.


Episode List Updated

I have finally taken the time and updated my episode list. I know it is still not complete but I have added 12 more making it a little more complete. The episodes added are: Damien's Day Out, Johnny Get Your Tutu, Mama's New Boyfriend, I Fly, Schnook of the North, Charm School Johnny, Marine Maroon, Thunder God Johnny, Pop Art Johnny, Dude Ranch Doofus, A Cake Too Much and Panic in Jerky Town. Enjoy!!


Johnny Bravo Merchandise Update

Cartoon Network now has a store area to their homepage There is a Johnny Bravo section but unfortunately there is really not much there to choose from. I am guessing they will get more Johnny products with time. This seems like a pretty safe bet. Every other place I have found that sells Johnny stuff ends up running out and not selling any more. I don't think Cartoon Network will give up on one of their Cartoon Cartoons so quickly!


Johnny Bravo Merchandise Update

After searching all over the net for t-shirts after I discovered that wouldn't be getting any more I have found one site that has 2 styles of Johnny shirts available. is the place and the web address to the page of Johnny shirts is

Also I have found Johnny cartoon cells for sale. There are 4 scenes to choose from at They are a bit pricey for my pocket though. $250 a pop.


Johnny Bravo Mamathon

Sunday, May 14, will be a good day for Johnny Bravo fans. Cartoon Network will be celebrating mother's day with a 8 hour marathon of everyone's favorite Mama's boy. The marathon begins at 12 o'clock noon (eastern & pacific) so set your VCR's to catch your favorite episodes!


Johnny Bravo Hotbar Theme

New to Jamie's Johnny Bravo Page is a hotbar theme for your web browser. This theme was created by E.J. Hunyadi ( ) and was sent to me because he enjoyed my site. He has said he is planning on creating more so I will put up more as I get them. The current hotbar theme can be downloaded off the desktop theme's page at



Johnny now has his very own all request cartoon show. Let Johnny know what cartoon you want to see and he will play it for you. It starts Sunday, April 9th at 8 p.m. You can request your favorite cartoon by filling out the form on Cartoon Network's website.


Cartoon Campaign 2000 Results

Well at the close of it all Johnny Bravo really didn't do too badly. Johnny finished 11th in the running for cartoon president. Scooby was elected with the Powerpuff Girls in second. I found that to be a great surprise that the PP girls could be voted higher than a classic like Bugs Bunny. In the long run, Johnny Bravo didn't really stand much of a chance against the longest running cartoon series ever (Scooby Doo ran new episodes for 18 years and is still on the air with reruns!) But not a bad finish at all for a cartoon only around for a couple years. I say Bravo! to all that went out and voted!


Cartoon Network's Cartoon Campaign 2000

It's our turn to show our loyalty to Johnny Bravo! Cartoon Network is giving us the chance to vote for our favorite cartoon character from March 5th through March 9th. To cast your vote, go to When you vote, you also are entered
for a chance to WIN a home theater system - including a large screen TV, DVD player,
VCR, stereo and digital surround sound! (must be 18 or have parent's permission to enter). I'll see you at the voting booths!


Johnny Bravo T-Shirts

It's that time of year that I get tons of emails from visitors to my site asking where they can get Johnny Bravo gear. The answer is still, almost no where. I have found an additional web site offering t-shirts in adult sizes only for any that are interested. The site is called BCA T-shirts and you can visit them at . Now I want to warn you that I have not done business with this company before but I am in the process of sending an email to try to get in contact with someone over there. Hopefully I can build up the friendly relations that I have with the guys at and they will give my visitors special treatment but it isn't guarenteed. Do let me know if this company treats you unfairly, I would like feed back, also I am known to send letters to them to fight in your defense if neccessary.


More Recognition For My Page

I am proud to say my page has been added to the "What's New" section on AcmeCity website. Since this site is devoted to TV related sites I am happy that they liked my page out of all the great Johnny sites out there! Thank You!!


New Johnny Bravo Episodes!

There will be new Johnny Bravo Episodes appearing on Friday, July 30th at 9:30 pm on the Cartoon Network.


My Page Gets a Little Recognition

I have been informed that I have received a link to my page from the Official Dutch Cartoon Network site. I was pretty excited to hear this! My dream is to be noticed and have a link on the Official Cartoon Network page for the US.


Johnny Bravo Toys!!

Johnny Bravo toys have been spotted at Wendy's restaurants. I have gotten one for myself and they are pretty neat. I was working and sent a friend to pick it up so I'm not sure how much it was but she said it was like a dollar.
Wendy's Kid Meal Page about Johnny Bravo Toys


New Johnny Bravo Episodes!

New Johnny Bravo episodes will be appearing Friday, July 2 at 9:30 pm. Since I am creating this page after the fact I will tell you what I think. They stink. I liked it much better when Van Partible was in charge. (Warner Bros. now owns Johnny Bravo) These characters were poorly drawn. Don't get me wrong the show was still very funny but they threw in 2 new characters that I don't know where they came from and the animation is so crappy I think my 2 year old cousin could have done a better job. COME BACK TO US VAN!!! See the episode guide to get a description of these new shows. Pictures will be coming as soon as I can.


Johnny Bravo T-Shirts

Johnny Bravo T-Shirts have been found!! If you would like to order them you can find them at I have not ordered one myself, yet but I have heard from others who have ordered and received theirs that they are nice t-shirts. There are 6 different prints to choose from!


Website Update

Jamie's Johnny Bravo website has been completely updated. All my New pictures and sounds have been added in a user friendly format.